Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Are Federal HIV Treatment Funds Being Used for Immigrant Internment?

The department of Health and Human Services confirmed the request to redirect the "unused" funding.

Trump’s Europe provocations and the facts

President Donald Trump shook things up every turn in his trip to Europe, making statements on NATO, Britain, Germany and more that were meant to provoke, and they did. Accuracy was not always a hallmark of these pronouncements. A week in review.

No, Sweden Is Not Erupting in Some 'Civil War'

An old rumor finds new life.

Candidate claims overdoses fell on her watch

Congresswoman and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham is touting in a new television ad a reduction in drug overdoses during her tenure as New Mexico's health secretary.

10 Falsehoods From Trump’s News Conference With Theresa May

President Trump made inaccurate or exaggerated statements about the number of American troops abroad, NATO spending and his prediction of the Brexit vote, among other claims.

Trump vs Trump on Europe trip

President Donald Trump's trip to Europe brought him into conflict not only with other leaders, but at times with himself, as he alternately denounced policies of his counterparts and praised them fulsomely.

Trump's NATO claims and more

It's been a whirlwind week overseas for the president and at times it looked as though he’d forgotten to pack his facts. He ends his seven-day European trip in Helsinki, Finland, Monday, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He’ll do so after declaring victory at a NATO summit, claiming he's secured new commitments from allies on defense spending.

Trump Inflates GDP Growth

In an interview with The Sun in England, President Donald Trump claimed "the GDP since I’ve taken over has doubled and tripled." It hasn't. Not even close.

Home Explosion Spawns Clinton Conspiracy Theory

Were the victims of a New Jersey home explosion tied to an investigation into the Clinton Foundation? No. A viral conspiracy theory is spreading that claim without any evidence.

Sen. Harris Didn’t ‘Lie’ About Integration

Was Sen. Kamala Harris lyng when she tweeted about integration in the Berkeley public schools? No. The school district fully integrated in 1968, and Harris began attending school in 1969.

Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh’s Writings on the Affordable Care Act

As they try to block his nomination to the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats have exaggerated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s hostility to the Affordable Care Act in his public statements and writings.

Trump Falsely Claims It’s ‘Impossible’ for American Farmers to Do Business in Europe

The United States exported $11.5 billion in agricultural products to the European Union last year.

Trump falsely claims credit on NATO spending

President Donald Trump took credit for a supposed new decision by NATO members to increase military spending. There was no evidence of that.

Many fact checks later President Trump is (still) botching NATO spending

Trump boasts about his impact on NATO, but his evidence was often misleading or just plain wrong.

Did President Trump Cancel Protections for Whales and Sea Turtles?

A news web site got some facts right but gave an incomplete and misleading account of a June 2017 decision made by the federal agency responsible for fisheries.

No proof Rauner profits off family separation

A new television campaign ad accuses Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican seeking another term in November, of profiting off President Donald Trump's since abandoned "zero tolerance" border policy of separating immigrant children from their families.

Has the Trump Administration Launched an Immigrant ‘Denaturalization’ Task Force?

In June 2018, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced they were staffing a new office targeting naturalized citizens who cheated on their applications.

Trump’s False Claims at NATO

At the NATO summit in Brussels, President Donald Trump made several false statements about the defense spending of the member countries.

Trump inflates US spending on NATO, misidentifies state Reagan lost in '84 election

President Donald Trump inflated US defense spending figures during an unscheduled news conference to cap the NATO summit -- and his misleading statements didn't stop there.

Germany Imports Gas From Russia. But Is It a ‘Captive’?

President Trump ripped into Germany, a NATO ally, even before this year’s summit meeting started in Brussels on Wednesday, using a longstanding disagreement on commercial and strategic relations with Russia.