Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Golden, Poliquin claims on Obamacare votes

Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin hopes to successfully defend his seat in a longtime independent-minded district that sent a historic electoral vote to President Donald Trump in 2016. He faces challenges from Democratic state representative and former Marine Jared Golden as well as lawyer Tiffany Bond and educator Will Hoar, both of whom are independents, in a race that could become the most expensive congressional race in Maine history.

Trump on migrants, Saudis, Hispanic vote

President Donald Trump inflated the projected benefits of an arms deal with the Saudis as he defended his wait-and-see attitude about Saudi complicity in the disappearance of a journalist whose apparent murder has sparked world outrage.

Trump’s claim of jobs from Saudi deals grows by leaps and bounds

Trump said Saudi military deals will add 450,000 U.S. jobs. Then it was 500,000 and even 600,000. None of those numbers are remotely credible.

Meme Misleads on Menendez Case

Is Sen. Robert Menendez on trial, and was his co-defendant convicted on prostitution charges, as an online meme says?

A grainy video from Guatemala sparks Trump conspiracy theory

President Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) cherry-picked a video of Honduran migrants to float unfounded conspiracy theories.

Misleading Ads from the DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is airing ads across the country to boost Democrats' chances of taking control of the House. But we found several ads that ran afoul of the facts.

Viral Story About Michigan ‘Vigilante’ is False

Were three pedophiles killed in one week in Macomb County, Michigan? No. The county sheriff's office said that viral story is false.

Missouri debate claims cite Trump, wages

Party control of the U.S. Senate could hinge on Missouri in the midterm elections, where incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is locked in a tight race with first-time challenger Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. McCaskill, is a longtime Missouri politician who's seeking her third Senate term. Hawley is a rising star in the Republican Party who's running for his first national office. The two met for their first one-on-one debate Thursday in St. Louis. A look at their claims.

Hey, attack-ad honchos, stop stealing our Pinocchios!

Yet another attack ad features Washington Post Pinocchios even though we never fact-checked a rival's ad

No Evidence Ginsburg Vowed to Resign Over Kavanaugh

Did Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg say she would resign if Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court? No.

Trump Wrong on Climate Change, Again

In two recent interviews, President Donald Trump said he is not convinced that climate change is due to human activity, and he suggested that any changes will reverse themselves -- two ideas that lack scientific backing.

Trump’s Inaccurate Claims From His A.P. Interview

In his wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, President Trump made inaccurate statements about Russia, the deficit and his former lawyer.

Fact check: Former mayor promotes campus expansion in SDSU West TV ad

The people behind the SDSU West ballot initiative have tapped former Mayor Jerry Sanders to help make their case for a Mission Valley campus expansion in a broadcast and cable television ad that began airing last week.

Did Georgia’s Secretary of State ‘Block’ the Registrations of 53,000 Voters, Most of Them African-American?

Left-wing Facebook pages weighed into Georgia's gubernatorial race with widely shared memes about alleged voter suppression in that state.

Is Barron Trump a Chess Grandmaster?

Barron Trump was once photographed with a chess set, but that doesn't make him a Grandmaster.

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Reporters and politicians rushed to say the test shows she was only 1/1024th Native American. But that's a huge misinterpretation of the data.

Donnelly’s Hearings Attendance Record

Several Republican TV ads attacking Sen. Joe Donnelly have claimed the Indiana Democrat has “missed 1 in 5 committee hearings” since he took office in 2013. Actually, Donnelly attended nearly 95 percent of public committee and subcommittee hearings during that time.

Trump misses on storms, science, clean air

President Donald Trump in his interview with The Associated Press said he has "a natural instinct for science." But what he said about hurricanes, clean air and climate doesn't quite get the science right. More than a dozen scientists, economists and climate negotiators pointed out where his comments didn't fit with the reality of human-caused climate change, hurricanes and air pollution. A look at his statements Tuesday.

Trump distorts migrant policy, Russia probe

President Donald Trump mischaracterized his immigration-law achievements, the plight of children taken from parents at the Mexico border and what's known about Russia's interference in the 2016 election in his wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press. A look at his comments on those subjects Tuesday.

Fact-checking Mike Braun and pre-existing conditions

In an RTV6 fact check from September, we evaluated a claim from Sen. Joe Donnelly (D), where he claimed his Republican opponent, Mike Braun did not support health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Now that it's nearly a month later, let's revisit that claim, and that rating from September.