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Rauner blames Democrats for decades of bipartisan can-kicking

Nearing the end of his term, Gov. Rauner pointed a finger at state Democrats over Illinois’ entrenched fiscal instability. History shows both sides played a role.

The 2019 Chicago mayor’s race is heating up: Here’s what we’re watching

Still months away, the race for the city’s top office is already gaining steam. Here’s a recap of the issues would-be candidates are highlighting and the claims we’ve fact-checked so far.

Fact-checking the fact-challenged candidates for Illinois governor

The race between the ultra-wealthy candidates has been marked by finger-pointing, scandal and transparency issues. We’ve fact-checked dubious claims by both.

Rauner, Pritzker tax disclosures rich in avoidance

Illinois’ wealthiest candidates for governor have disclosed little when it comes to their personal finances. But what they have revealed indicates they leverage tax code flexibility out of reach for most.

“Boys, boys!”: Repetition doesn’t improve Rauner, Pritzker sniping

The leading candidates for Illinois’ top office squared off in four debates in recent weeks, repeating misleading attacks and defenses on policy issues and personal scandals.

Rauner corrupts the word ‘corrupt’

The governor slings the incendiary word in a broad attack on his political foes, conflating ethics questions with Illinois’ rich history of graft.

Rauner, Pritzker shun transparency even when it might help

In refusing to release comprehensive tax information, wealthy rivals forego a possibility of debunking specious attacks about their finances.

Oh, the Humanity! Rahm Emanuel, a preschool teacher?

Chicago’s tough-talking mayor is known for charging headfirst into politics in his 20s, but teaching preschoolers? We weren’t familiar with that one.

Vallas, Emanuel point fingers over Chicago teacher pension freefall

In just a few decades, the bottom line at the retirement fund for Chicago teachers sunk from healthy to sickly. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a possible re-election rival, former schools CEO Paul Vallas, are now trading shots over which of them is to blame.

When it comes to Illinois’ deficit, how bad is bad?

There are lots of different ways to measure Illinois’ fiscal crisis, and politicians usually seize on the yardstick that best fits their partisan agendas.

Wealthy Illinois candidates face tax disclosure minefield

Releasing details of tax returns presents a potential minefield for wealthy candidates like Rauner, Pritzker and Kennedy

Sorry Illinois politicians, PolitiFact is back

For a fact-challenged era in a fact-challenged state, The Better Government Association has enlisted as Illinois’ fact-checking referee.

Tammy Duckworth pega a Mark Kirk por sus logros militares

En un discurso el 18 de agosto en Springfield, IL, dirigido a los líderes del Partido Demócrata de Illinois, la congresista Tammy Duckworth revivió y agregó específicos a una acusación que el Senador Mark Kirk evadió a través de su exitosa campaña de reelección en el 2010.

Hillary Clinton correctamente dice: Torre Trump en parte construida por trabajadores indocumentados

Buscando presentar a Donald Trump como un hipócrita en inmigración, Hillary Clinton sostuvo durante el tercer debate presidencial que el candidato multimillonario utilizó trabajadores indocumentados para construir su rascacielos en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Donald Trump dice que Hillary Clinton “entregó” quinta parte del uranio de EEUU a Rusia

En un acto de campaña en Waukesha, Wisconsin, Donald Trump realizó una serie de ataques contra Hillary Clinton como Secretaria de Estado, incluyendo uno que involucra a Rusia.