Says Johnny Depp died after being apprehended for threatening President Donald Trump’s life.

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Pants on Fire!

Fake news saga said Depp threatened Trump, died in federal custody

A series of fake news posts said that Johnny Depp died after federal authorities picked him up for threatening President Donald Trump. (Getty Images)

A series of fake news posts that said actor Johnny Depp first threatened President Donald Trump’s life and then died after being caught by federal authorities is yet another fake news saga created by a well-known liberal troll.

A June 24, 2017, post on that read "Johnny Depp Taken Into Custody By Secret Service" said that Depp had talked about assassinating Trump, leading to the actor being detained.

The post was flagged by Facebook users as being potentially fake, as part of the social media site’s efforts to combat fake news. Users also flagged a follow-up post on June 24 at that said Depp was in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest during his interrogation.

There’s more to the entire saga, according to a number of posts that first appeared on June 22-23 at

The website said that Depp, who was taken into custody and held under the Patriot Act, later died from his heart malady, although not before recanting his faith in Islam on his deathbed.

None of this is real., which created the stories, is run by Christopher Blair. Blair has told us before that he fabricates absurd news posts in an attempt to fool conservative readers with his fake news. His site’s About Us section noted that "is a satirical publication that may sometimes appear to be telling the truth" — but it isn’t.

The website has a history of writing multiple posts about far-out events involving famous personalities. It’s published tales of U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy’s fictional son being found dead, Tucker Carlson being assassinated in a car crash, Sarah Palin being run off the road and Ted Nugent faking his own death.

These contrived storylines, often barely keeping their own counterfeit details straight among the various posts, end up being passed around on other fake news websites, with no indication that they are made up.

That is again the case with Depp, who was not detained by the feds and did not die during questioning.

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Pants on Fire
Says Johnny Depp died after being apprehended for threatening President Donald Trump’s life.
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Saturday, June 24, 2017