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Launch school principals leadership training program

The Promise:

"To improve campus leadership, the state should offer financial support that enables public school principals and others in leadership positions to receive optional advanced leadership training."

Update January 11th, 2018: Agency carries out Greg Abbott vow to improve training of principals

Require some public colleges to accept credits earned at community colleges

The Promise:

"Allowing credits to transfer more freely enables aspiring students to take advantage of junior and community college cost savings."

Update December 15th, 2017: Greg Abbott scores a compromise on Texas colleges accepting community college course credits

Reform 2001 law authorizing in-state college tuition for unauthorized residents

The Promise:

On the stump, Abbott called the 2001 tuition law "flawed" and said he would not veto a bill to repeal it. But he did not outline how he would suggest fixing it.

Update December 14th, 2017: Greg Abbott's support for repeal of pro-immigrant law doesn't play into action

Fund treatment for postpartum depression for low-income mothers

The Promise:

"As a starting point, the coverage period for postpartum doctor visits for the mother under" the Children's Health Insurance Program's perinatal coverage "should be extended from 60 days to up to one year." Abbott calls for spending $3 million more over two years.

Update November 30th, 2017: Lawmakers again didn't embrace Abbott vow to fund more postpartum mental health treatment

Allow schools to opt out of state mandates

The Promise:

"Teachers and parents know far better how to educate our children than do a bunch of bureaucrats in Austin or Washington, D.C."

Update September 12th, 2017: Greg Abbott keeps promise to let schools opt out of mandates

Enact a 20 percent homestead exemption

The Promise:

Wants to "provide a 20 percent across-the-board tax exemption for homesteads."

Update September 8th, 2017: Austin's Steve Adler loses momentum on promise to reach 20 percent homestead exemption

Rework incentives so they reward creating middle class jobs

The Promise:

"Reform the policies for granting incentive subsidies to reward creation of middle class jobs, as well as training local residents for those jobs." Mayor Steve Adler also wants to allow small businesses to participate in order to incentivize growth of small businesses.

Update June 29th, 2017: Steve Adler promise to encourage middle-class jobs no longer stalled

Require state elected officials to disclose more about personal sources of income, contracts

The Promise:

"I'm proposing that all state elected officials be required to disclose more about their sources of income and to disclose any contracts they, or their family members, have with state agencies or local government bodies."

Update June 9th, 2017: Lawmakers, in reversal, advance mandate tightening disclosures of personal income, contracts

Make changes at city utilities to promote affordability

The Promise:

"Require Austin Energy and the Austin Water Utility to initiate long-term changes in their business models that will better accommodate affordability."

Update May 8th, 2017: Adler vow to reshape utilities is half-launched

Focus additional spending on cancer screenings and treatment for low-income Texans

The Promise:

"Because this is strategic spending on certain areas, it should reduce the cost of health care in the state in the long term." Abbott specified his desire to spend $50 million more on women's health care.

Update January 30th, 2017: Abbott keeps vow to spend on cancer screenings, health care for low-income residents

Require school districts with prekindergarten to assess student performance twice annually

The Promise:

Districts would choose methods of assessing prekindergarten students at the start and finish of each school year from a list of approaches developed by the state.

Update January 12th, 2017: Abbott wins compromise on testing pre-kindergarten students

Create Texas Achievement School District to take over worst elementary schools

The Promise:

Schools eligible to be placed in "achievement districts" would consist of the bottom 15 elementary or charter school campuses with an F rating from the state for two straight years.

Update January 12th, 2017: Abbott achieves compromise for Texas 'achievement' school districts

Limit city staff vacancies

The Promise:

City of Austin staff "vacancies that are funded in the budget should be limited to no more than five percent of staffing. Funding for these vacancies should be held in a centralized provisional account."

Update June 9th, 2016: Steve Adler goal of whittling city vacancies unfulfilled

Look for surplus properties to sell

The Promise:

"Conduct a review of all city holdings to see if any could or should be sold. Consider using the potential revenue to pay other one-time expenses that might be incurred."

Update May 20th, 2016: Steve Adler vow to identify city properties to sell 'In the Works'

Fund Medicaid by block grants

The Promise:

"The one-size-fits-all approach, mandated from Washington, D.C., and the Medicaid system, does not help Texas address the unique needs of the diverse population we have in this state."

Update April 25th, 2016: Greg Abbott's vow to seek block-grant Medicaid funding unfulfilled